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Monopoly - Atlantic Storm CD SLR031
releasedate july 2009

Monopoly's second album after releasing the ZOND3 CD on the Japanese Doppelganger records in 2008
Think of the great rural ambient sounds of Brian Eno's On Land mixed with dark isolationist dronescapes from the 1980s.
Using rare modular synthesizers such as ancient EMS synthi's, Buchla's, Serge's etc. Atlantic Storm is the perfect music for a cold rainy day on the outer hebrides' atlantic shores...and that is ofcourse, just the way we like it. Probably one of the most essential rural ambient albums on strange life records so far!
Comes in a DVD box with a Monopoly postcard

Tracklisting and mp3 snippets:

1.Barra Beach Landing Semdrone

2.Land's End


4.U-Boat Huntdown

5. Kode Rood

6. Day of Sodor & Man

7. Moorland Cross

8. Black Sunday

9. Alphalink

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