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DJ Overdose - In for the Kill 12" vinyl LP SLR028
releasedate july 2009

After releasing numerous classics such as Novamen's ''Lies'' (with Mr.Pauli), The Hasbeen's ''Make the world go away'' (With Alden Tyrell) and Dreamdisco's ''Take me home'', the ''dose'' is back with another haunting solo LP on strangelife records. And this might very well be Overdose's magnus opus so far. Beautifull filmic melodies and TR808 beats tell us stories where Charles Bronson and John Carpenter deal with Soprano's mobstyle adventures somewhere in a cold war 70s timeframe. Tragic, defeatistic drama only Overdose can deliver!

Tracklisting and mp3 snippets:
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1 - In for the Kill

2 - Mossad Commando

3 - Uhuh Baby

4 - Time Dicer

5 - Know Who You Are

6 - Face down in the river

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